Impact and Benefits: a summary

The project aims to have a significant impact on how CSOs across Europe approach campaigning around the European elections in 2024, and likely beyond.

The work we have planned would bring numerous benefits to the civil society movement in Europe. At the highest level, it aims to increase the number of mission-aligned candidates elected in the upcoming 2024 elections, ensuring a more active European Parliament, composed of new MEPs already set up for a higher level of engagement with their constituents - and consequently, a higher level of accountability to their election-time promises.

By actively involving citizens in actions such as sending email to candidates with pledges, and participating in various campaign tactics, the project will help empower individuals and in the long term foster a stronger sense of engagement in the democratic process. Collaboration among NGOs, regardless of their size and available resources, will strengthen the collective efforts and effectiveness of these campaigns.

The implementation of a shared candidate database will improve coordination, efficiency, and will maximise the impact of individual and collective campaigns. Through the use of distributed campaigning tools, NGOs will be able to engage supporters using customizable and effective tactics to exert pressure on the potential future decision-makers.

The project will encourage voter turnout to make sure citizens go out on election day, and help elect supportive candidates. The post-election database of the newly elected MEPs and their pledges will help increase transparency, accountability, and enable NGOs to hold elected representatives responsible for their promises. Overall, the project will contribute to a more proactive and responsive European Parliament that actively listens to and addresses the concerns of its citizens.