The upcoming European Elections in 2024 present a crucial opportunity for civil society organisations to engage with candidates and advocate for critical issues, at a stage when candidates are known to make early pledges and commitments, while also using key issues to drive voter turnout.

For effective outcomes, it is essential to connect the European, national and local levels. These elections roll out at the national level, and it is crucial to be able to support national campaigns in a coordinated strategic approach, with a European perspective.

Who we are

We are a coalition of 20 CSOs and campaigns who work together to make our European election-related campaigning efforts as effective as possible.

We are aligned on values and the causes we fight for range from tax justice and conservation of pollinators to human rights protection in Gaza and LGBTQIA+ rights. We share a custom-made set of tools for effective digital campaigning, and a comprehensive, ever-growing database of candidates across the EU.

Most of us set up “pledges” for the candidates to sign. These pledges are declarations of support to the causes we fight for, and commitments to undertake concrete steps by the candidates, if elected. Many of us also mobilise our supporters, “ordinary” citizens, to engage with the candidates and ask them to go on the record in favour of our causes, making it clear what they expect from candidates if they want their vote: action.

Our members include:

  1. Attac Europe
  2. Bee - Life EU
  3. CHEM Trust
  4. Citizens Take Over Europe
  5. Corporate Europe Observatory
  6. Democracy International
  7. The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP))
  8. Eurodad
  9. Eurogroup For Animals
  10. European Alternatives
  12. FIERCE
  13. Ljubljana Pride
  14. More Than Enough
  15. Pollinis
  16. Power Shift
  17. Smoke Free Partnership
  18. Surfrider Foundation Europe
  19. TACKLE
  20. Union Régionale UFC – Que Choisir de Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Campagne Glyphosate France, Générations Futures, Notre affaire à tous, Pollinis et Secrets Toxiques

A few words about our campaigns:


Attac Europe’s campaign advocates for a progressive and fair tax system in the EU to reduce economic inequality, proposing a European financial transactions tax, a wealth tax to fund climate efforts, and a minimum corporate tax on multinational profits. It aims to create a unified European tax system and a European fiscal authority. The campaign seeks to leverage the 2024 European elections to garner support from political forces, civil society, and the media. ATTAC Europe set up a pledge for the candidates and a mail-to-target action.


The campaign for a pollinators-friendly European Union aims to protect pollinators through collective action, science-based policies, and support for agroecological transitions. It focuses on legislative reforms, including the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR) and the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), to halt and reverse pollinator decline and enhance environmental resilience. Additionally, the campaign promotes policy evaluation, habitat protection, stakeholder engagement, and awareness-raising efforts to ensure sustainable development and pollinator health. Bee Life asks candidates to sign their pledge.


CHEM Trust fights for a toxic-free future in the EU, highlighting the urgency of addressing chemical pollution which threatens our environment and health. It calls on candidates in the 2024 European elections to commit to policies ensuring toxic-free products, toys and water by signing their pledge. The campaign emphasises that the next parliament and commission should have the power to implement these essential measures for a healthier future.


Through their “Democratic Manifesto for European Elections” CTOE calls for greater democratisation of the EU through enhanced civic participation and transparency. It urges 2024 European Parliament candidates to address democratic deficits by implementing proposals from the Conference on the Future of Europe, creating permanent citizens’ assemblies, and reforming the European Citizens’ Initiative. The campaign also demands a pan-European referendum system, electoral reforms, transparency in lobbying, and protection for civil society to ensure a robust democratic ecosystem throughout Europe. It asks citizens to support their asks.


CEO published a guide for the candidates in which it urges them to recognise and combat the significant influence of corporate lobbyists in EU institutions. “The Candidates ‘ Guide To Corporate Capture In The EU Institutions - And What To Do About It” details the pervasive impact of corporate lobbying on policies related to climate, technology, environment and public health, and offers strategies and reform proposals to counteract this influence. CEO wrote to the candidates encouraging them to join other MEPs in defending democratic decision-making and to engage with CEO for further collaboration.


Through their Democratic Wave campaign DI and FIDE seek to address the risk of democratic decline in Europe by advocating for enhanced citizen participation and democratic reforms within the EU. The campaign emphasises the importance of empowering citizens to shape the future of Europe through initiatives like the European Citizens’ Initiative and Citizens’ Assemblies, urging MEP candidates to prioritise democratic reform efforts. The campaign aims to strengthen EU democracy by promoting inclusive engagement, transparency, and accountability, highlighting the urgency of these reforms in safeguarding European values and resilience against growing anti-democratic forces.


ECCP’s “Vote Palestine” campaign urges electoral candidates to pledge their commitment to international law and human rights by signing the “Stand for international law, Vote for Palestine!” pledge. By signing, candidates promise to advocate for the implementation of international law, UN resolutions, and ICJ rulings, supporting the rights of Palestinians and calling for an end to the occupation, colonisation, and siege in Gaza, as well as advocating for EU trade policies that align with these principles. The campaign emphasises the importance of amplifying voices for justice and protection, particularly for those at grave risk in Palestine. ECCP also asks citizens to engage with the candidates and encourage them to sign the “Vote Palestine” pledge.


EURODAD, through their Tax Justice campaign (not launched yet at the time of writing) will ask the candidates for the European Parliament to ensure that multinational corporations pay their fair share of taxes in each country of operation and transparently report their activities. Candidates who sign the Tax Justice pledge also commit to push for a revised corporate tax system that treats multinationals as single entities, allocates taxing rights to countries based on the level of value creation and economic activity that the corporation has in each country, and establishes a minimum effective corporate tax rate. Additionally, it involves endorsing an inclusive global tax reform through a United Nations-led intergovernmental tax commission, protecting tax whistle-blowers and journalists, and promoting fair, progressive, and gender-responsive tax systems while ending harmful tax practices and tax havens. \


EfA’s “Vote for Animals” campaign aims to strengthen animal welfare legislation in the EU by demanding ambitious, humane, and progressive laws. It calls for specific measures, including banning slaughter without stunning, improving standards for farmed animals, ending live animal transport, and protecting aquatic species. Additionally, it advocates for tighter regulations on imported animal-based products, accelerating the transition to non-animal science, banning fur farming and products, enhancing care for companion animals, and appointing an EU Commissioner for Animal Welfare to ensure accountability and action. EfA set up their very successful pledge for candidates and a mail-to-target action.


Through their “Europe by the Many” campaign, EA advocates for a people-powered Europe by challenging the status quo of corporate dominance and political minimalism, which exacerbates crises like climate change and inequality. By redistributing power to local actors and prioritising the rights of vulnerable communities, it aims to create a more inclusive and democratic Europe shaped by the many. Through collective action and commitment to radical alternatives, it seeks to counter hate, discrimination, and exclusion, paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable future. They set up a pledge for candidates and a mail-to-target action.


FIERCE’s campaign aims to promote gender equality and combat discrimination and violence against women and LGBTQIA+ individuals in Europe. By advocating for policy changes that prioritise the rights and safety of marginalised groups (including migrants, refugees, and people of colour), FIERCE seeks to create a more inclusive and just society. Through collaboration with grassroots organisations and policymakers, the campaign strives to enact meaningful legislative reforms and foster societal change towards gender equality and social justice. FIERCE asks candidates to support their cause by signing the pledge.


Ljubljana Pride calls for explicit protection of sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression in EU policies, laws, and responses to the diverse needs of LGBTQIA+ people. They promote “Come Out 4 Europe Pledge 2024” set up by ILGA Europe by asking their supporters to write to the Slovenian candidates for the European Parliament. The pledge advocates for active engagement in wider issues of democracy, rule of law, and inequality while defending LGBTQIA+ rights. The pledge also entails holding EU member states accountable for human rights violations, supporting civil society organisations, championing LGBTQIA+ rights internationally, and advocating for the adoption and implementation of a robust EU LGBTQIA+ Equality Strategy. Ljubljana Pride maintains a list of Slovenian candidates to the EP who signed the pledge.


The “More Than Enough” campaign calls for a shift towards well-being-focused policies over GDP growth, advocating for alternative progress indicators. It emphasises reducing resource consumption by 65% by 2050, prioritising social and environmental sustainability. Additionally, it promotes wealth redistribution through progressive taxation, public ownership of essential services, job guarantees, and policies to limit overconsumption and promote global solidarity. More Than Enough asks the Belgian candidates to the European Parliament, as well as the candidates for the regional and federal parliaments, to sign their pledge. It also encourages citizens to write to the candidates directly through their mail-to-target action.


Pollinis urge French candidates for the European Parliament to commit to protecting biodiversity by reforming pesticide evaluations once elected. By signing Pollinis pledge, candidates commit to initiate the reform of the pesticide risk assessment system within the European Union upon their election. This reform aims to ensure that toxicity tests are conducted by public health and environmental agencies (rather than the companies producing and marketing the pesticides) with updated protocols reflecting the latest scientific knowledge for more accurate assessments. Pollinis also empower their supporters to write to the candidates directly through their mail-to-target action.


The campaign urges EP candidates to prioritise people and the planet over profit in trade policy. Candidates are asked to reject harmful trade deals like EU-Mercosur, prioritise workers’ rights, support environmentally-friendly local food systems, and halt the export of banned products. Additionally, the pledge calls for the elimination of corporate tribunals, an increase in transparency, and more democratic participation in trade negotiations. Citizens write to the candidates through the mail-to-target widget.


SFP’s “One Minute One Life” campaign aims to achieve a tobacco-free generation in Europe by 2040, emphasising the EU’s role in implementing vital legislation to reduce tobacco-related mortality and protect public budgets. It calls for champions to accelerate EU actions, support evidence-based measures at a national level, and address emerging challenges like the rise of vaping and environmental impacts of tobacco consumption. Candidates to the European Parliament supporting SFP’s cause are asked to sign their pledge.


Surfrider’s “Blue Up” campaign advocates for comprehensive action to address ocean pollution, promote sustainable blue economies, mitigate climate change impacts, protect marine biodiversity, preserve ocean health, and enhance democratic governance in decision-making processes related to marine issues. It emphasises the urgency of reducing pollution sources, overfishing, emissions, and harmful activities in order to safeguard marine ecosystems and human well-being. By signing Surfrider’s pledge, candidates commit to prioritise marine conservation, sustainable practices, and inclusive governance to ensure a healthier future for our oceans and coastal communities.


TACKLE’s “Pact for Equality” campaign calls on European Parliament candidates to commit to fostering dialogue with civil society organisations, racialised communities, and trade unions over the next five years to address rising discrimination and hatred in Europe. By signing the pledge, candidates promise to strengthen the EU’s anti-discrimination framework, address structural racism, and engage in inclusive decision-making processes that prioritise input from affected communities and stakeholders. They also commit to promoting policy changes, addressing post-colonial legacies, and working with national and local authorities to combat racism and discrimination effectively.

Union Régionale UFC – Que Choisir de Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Campagne Glyphosate France, Générations Futures, Notre affaire à tous, Pollinis et Secrets Toxiques

The coalition drafted an open letter addressed to French candidates for the European Parliament in which they highlight the significant health impacts of pesticides, criticise inadequate risk evaluations, and emphasise the detrimental effects of intensive pesticide use on biodiversity and food sovereignty. The coalition advocates for a shift towards organic farming methods and calls on the candidates to commit to pesticide reduction by signing their pledge (yet to launch at the time of writing). Candidates are invited to submit their written comments, some of which will be published by the coalition.

who is making it happen

With extensive experience working with European and national civil society, and specifically on European Parliamentary election campaigns and building a database of 6500 candidates with more than 100 volunteers and staff of 10 NGOs, Fix The Status Quo brings the expertise this civil society movement needs to pull off a smooth, seamless and fruitful collaboration among NGOs - and get the results we need to see.

Fix the Status Quo is an innovative startup passionate about driving change in society. Our powerful online campaigning tool, Proca, makes online activism easier and more impactful. We offer Proca as a Software as a Service (SaaS), exclusively to mission-aligned organisations, trade unions, and political parties. In just three years, we have empowered over 350 organisations, fostering a diverse online community of change-makers. Together, they have taken more than 5 million online actions in 41 languages. Notable achievements include Fur Free Europe, which gained 1.5 million confirmed European citizen signatures, and #restorenature, with over 1 million people contacting their MEPs.

Alliance4Europe is a nonprofit organisation advancing democracy in Europe by connecting communities for action, developing civic tech tools, and creating campaigns for impact. Our campaigns have reached over 50 million Europeans, and applied techniques of narrative-setting, attitude-change, and behaviour change.

With our experience in pan-European coalition campaigns, including leading the work during the past two European election cycles, engaging millions of citizens, and working closely with NGOs in complex alliances, we are uniquely positioned to carry out this important work.

We are currently fundraising to help decrease the cost for each NGO participating, we’ll keep you posted if you register.