The upcoming European Elections in 2024 present a crucial opportunity for civil society organisations to engage with candidates and advocate for critical issues, at a stage when candidates are known to make early pledges and commitments, while also using key issues to drive voter turnout.

For effective outcomes, it is essential to connect the European, national and local levels. These elections roll out at the national level, and it is crucial to be able to support national campaigns in a coordinated strategic approach, with a European perspective.

Who we are

We are European Networks of NGOs that want to engage and support our members and value aligned citizen to engage with MEP candidates. Each is going to run their own campaign with their own network and partners, but we will work together to share information, like when candidates are announced by each party in every country, research their email and social media account, share some cost like tools to support that common database, communication and coordination or campaign tools.

We are building up networks and capacity, developing common and aligned campaign strategies, and being ready to deploy on time ahead of the elections - all of this requires consistent and persistent engagement with partners, co-creating a direction together ahead of time.

Who are you?

Are you going to campaign in the next EP elections and would need to have a database of candidates?

Your organisation isn’t engaged in any activity that promotes the limitation of civil, democratic or minority rights; homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, classist or otherwise hateful speech; violence, warfare, or colonisation?

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a single topic in one region or are a network covering every country, working together will help achieve your specific goals and more broadly, get citizen engaged and elect a better parliament.

Fill up this form and see how we can work together and support your campaign for ep2024.

who is making it happen

With extensive experience working with European and national civil society, and specifically on European Parliamentary election campaigns and building a database of 6500 candidates with more than 100 volunteers and staff of 10 NGOs, Fix The Status Quo brings the expertise this civil society movement needs to pull off a smooth, seamless and fruitful collaboration among NGOs - and get the results we need to see.

Fix the Status Quo is an innovative startup passionate about driving change in society. Our powerful online campaigning tool, Proca, makes online activism easier and more impactful. We offer Proca as a Software as a Service (SaaS), exclusively to mission-aligned organisations, trade unions, and political parties. In just three years, we have empowered over 350 organisations, fostering a diverse online community of change-makers. Together, they have taken more than 5 million online actions in 41 languages. Notable achievements include Fur Free Europe, which gained 1.5 million confirmed European citizen signatures, and #restorenature, with over 1 million people contacting their MEPs.

Alliance4Europe is a nonprofit organisation advancing democracy in Europe by connecting communities for action, developing civic tech tools, and creating campaigns for impact. Our campaigns have reached over 50 million Europeans, and applied techniques of narrative-setting, attitude-change, and behaviour change.

With our experience in pan-European coalition campaigns, including leading the work during the past two European election cycles, engaging millions of citizens, and working closely with NGOs in complex alliances, we are uniquely positioned to carry out this important work.

We are currently fundraising to help decrease the cost for each NGO participating, we’ll keep you posted if you register.